TUITION @ The Music Workshop
Expert tuition is available for the following instruments:
Saxophone (all types) / Clarinet
Piano / Keyboard
Guitar (all types) / Bass / Drums
Jazz improvisation (any instrument)
Composition / Arranging / Music Theory
 1:1 TUITION RATES (from 2017)
  Weekly One-off
30 minute lesson £17.50 £20.00
45 minute lesson £26.25 £30.00
60 minute lesson £35.00 £40.00
* Weekly discounted rate for first 12 lessons. Payable 6 lessons in advance on receipt of
NB. Other rates listed are for normal weekly lessons or for one-off irregular lessons.
 SoundsKOOL RATES (from 2017)
30 minute lesson £17.00
60 minute lesson £34.00

Sheet Music / Reeds:
These can be ordered for you and are added to the next invoice at normal shop prices. There is no charge for this service.

Support lessons:
For students taking Standard/Higher Grade or Diplomas. Areas covered include Composition/ Inventing, Improvisation, Harmony, Arranging etc. as needed.

Lessons missed or cancelled are charged where less than 1 WEEK notice is given unless an alternative time can be found within the same week.

Lessons cancelled by the tutor are not charged.
Please give at least 6 lessons notice if you wish to stop taking lessons.
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